Bomma Cullet

Bomma Cullet

An exceptional material designed and created by Czech glass masters for the most diverse needs – from glass blowing to kiln casting. Extremely clear, long working, lead free glass that is ideal for melting in studio furnaces everywhere.

Bomma is excited to provide this material in hopes that it's consistent high quality and availability will meet the needs in terms of its workability through a multitude of artistic applications, and its availability for consistent production purposes as well.


bomma cullet features

  • low melting temperature
  • compatibility with Reichenbach Colors and other manufacturers
  • available in 25kg or 1t bags


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"For me, this glass has all the characteristics,
that I need for my work; long, torch, friendly, forgiving. 
If it doesn’t work for you, it's not the glass, it’s probably you."


Martin Janecký

Bomma Cullets - high quality glass semi product
Bomma Cullets - high quality glass semi product
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