lighting constellations


project your unique vision into space and create your own bomma constellation

Handcrafted crystal lighting from Bomma Constellation frees creators, architects and designers to transform interiors. Project your boldest creative visions into space – from smaller compositions to immense constellations. Choose among seven original collections: MetamorphosisPyriteDark & Bright Star, Lens, Soap Mini, Mussels or Stellar Dust Like distant stars, these seemingly small lighted objects are unique stand-alone and even stronger in groups. Each single pendant is remarkable in its aesthetics and quality, design and craft.

  • suitable for any interior
  • unlimited arrangement possibilities
  • easy installation

Cherishing our main values of original design, high quality and traditional craftsmanship, we proudly present Bomma Constellation, a special concept enabling designers to arrange smaller lighting pieces into bold groups. These six Bomma collections are available to be combined, customized and mixed according to your vision.

BOMMA lights enhance offices, intimate home interiors as well as large commercial spaces. Even when not lit, they serve as sculptures, instantly recognizable features that simplify further design elements. Individual pieces become building blocks for lighting clusters, allowing architects and interior designers unexpected freedom and flexibility.

collections suitable for bomma constellations
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