Perfect shells reflecting the crystal-clear water surface


Elegance, variability and an organic aesthetic, BOMMA introduces new MUSSELS collection. Imagine sparkling water hiding fascinating, incredibly detailed mussels. Two crystal shells surround a light source nested in a precise mounting within either glossy anthracite or brushed gold tones. The glass shell carries a rippling patterned imprint. When lit, it creates the effect of light reflecting from a water surface. Its inspiration in organic shapes, natural colors and the natural environment is apparent at first glance. 

collection inspiration

Shells, and particularly mussels, always fascinated me with their simple, yet sophisticated, shape. Each is an original but together they form interesting compositions. They carry a sense of elegance and organic nature, as well as a bit of mystery.” Václav Mlynář, designer of the collection and BOMMA creative director.

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from smaller compositions to immense constellations, create your own lighting installations using mussels collection.

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