Václav Mlynář

Václav Mlynář

Václav Mlynář has been Creative Director of BOMMA since 2017. He curates new collections, initiates new collaborations, oversees all creative outcomes and, together with the Bomma team, sets new directions.

“I think of our lighting as sculptural pieces that go a step beyond trends, and will continue to be as breathtaking in future as they are today. I always seek out designs that balance on the edge of design and sculpture. The uniqueness of every piece of glass we produce is something I appreciate the most. For me, it brings both character and value to our products. Glass is a magical material which never ceases to amaze me.”

Václav Mlynář, Creative Director of BOMMA

Václav Mlynář is a designer, Creative Director and studio owner based in Prague. He has international experience from studying and working in the Czech Republic, US, Denmark and London. He obtained his master degrees in Product Design at the Royal College of Art in London and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In years 2011- 2020 Václav was running, with Jakub Pollág, award-wining product design studio deFORM. In 2020 Václav focused on running his product studios VM, spatial/interior architecture studio MONUMENT Office. From 2019 Václav teaches Product Design at NC State University in Prague.

Václav has so far designed mussels, ama and buoy collections for BOMMA. 


Perfect shells reflecting the crystal-clear water surface

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Pearls from the depth of the mysterious sea

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A private harbor shining day and night

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