baalbek restaurant, hungary

Baalbek first opened its doors in November 2015. The venue may be new, but the hospitality so typical of Eastern culture is still there. The restaurant, bathed in sunshine
and with a magnificent panoramic view of the Danube, revives traditional Lebanese flavors with legendary Arabic hospitality. The restaurant interior from 2021 is the work of
designer Zita Varga.
The lighting chosen by Solinfo Group and the technical lamps enhance the overall effect in the meticulously planned and refined interior. The exclusive space,
designed with a selection of high-end lamps, supplemented by unique Lebanese cuisine and an unparalleled shisha selection, makes the restaurant the perfect
place to gather with friends in a wonderful milieu.
Designer: Zita Varga
Partner: Sol info
Year: 2021
Photo: Gergö Gosztom
Location: Budapest, Hungary
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