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Private villa, Channel Islands

BOMMA in an Enchanting Wilderness Setting

Join us on a journey to a contemporary Channel Islands villa by Bonsai Group decorated with an interplay of spectacular BOMMA constellations. Dozens of crystal pieces are brought together from the Soap, Soap Mini, Dark & Bright Star, Lens, and Shibari collections.

Interior design: Bonsai group
Photographer: Agnès Liberté
Year: 2023

Upon entering the villa, the unique modern architectural space catches the eye, along with the sleek arrangement of 43 pieces of lighting from the Lens collection, seamlessly blending in shades of grey and clear.

After passing through the entrance hall, discover an airy living room furnished with 21 luminaires from the Soap collection, in clear and sandblasted finishes.This elegant arrangement of luminaires perfectly complements the modern interior, while taking nothing away from the impressive and beautiful view of the British Isles and its rugged landscape.

The dining room is delicately accented by reflections of light in a bespoke installation of 78 pieces from the Soap mini collection, in hues of blue and gold.

An enchanting arrangement of handsomely polished constellations guides you through the ascent to the second floor. Here, 38 pieces from the Dark & Bright Star collection engage in a subtle interplay of light and darkness.

From this spectacular space, a staircase leads you to the second floor, where intimacy and mystery unfold. A certain variability of composition and the fragility of crystal contrast with solid knots in this arrangement. This is an unconventional luminaire for some and, for others, much more akin to an art installation.

BOMMA constellations can fit into a variety of spaces from magnificent villas to smaller intimate interiors. Allow us to craft a constellation that brings a touch of luxury and magic to your interior.

Contact our team, and we will be delighted to create compositions tailored to your space.

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