soap mini

The magical quality of iridescence


Varied colors, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the characteristic features of soap bubbles– inspired this BOMMA collection. When lighted, the metallic sheen of its surface transforms to iridescent and translucent, exposing its crystal character. The entire collection is produced using the technique of hand-blowing without a form. The seemingly perfect droplet of molten glass is given a unique shape as well as a unique color spectrum.  The Soap Mini collection allows unlimited space for your creativity, with the option to create as large groups of crystal drops as you fancy – from smaller compositions to expansive light constellations.



from smaller compositions to immense constellations, bomma selected collections give creators, architects and designers the freedom to project their boldest creative vision into reality and transform interiors.

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Ota Svoboda

After studying at the Glass school in Nový Bor, Ota Svoboda was part of the design duo Born in Bor. In 2013 Ota Svoboda joined Bomma. Being extremely skilled and gifted he soon became the head of product development and main internal driver of new design developments. He participated in the technological progress of every collection. He combines his creative vision with glass craftsmanship and technological know-how.

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