Lighting Constellations

project your unique vision into space and create your own bomma constellation

Handcrafted crystal lighting from Bomma Constellation frees creators, architects and designers to transform interiors. Project your boldest creative visions into space - from smaller compositions to immense constellations. Choose among five original collections: MetamorphosisPyriteDark & Bright Star, Lens or Soap Mini. Like distant stars, these seemingly small lighted objects are unique stand-alone and even stronger in groups. Each single pendant is remarkable in its aesthetics and quality, design and craft.

Cherishing our main values of original design, high quality and traditional craftsmanship, we proudly present Bomma Constellation, a special concept enabling designers to arrange smaller lighting pieces into bold groups. These four Bomma collections are available to be combined, customized and mixed according to your vision.


This collection was inspired by pyrite, the golden fire-stone in the shape of a perfect cube, while the silver version of the shade reflects its inspiration in salt crystals. By blowing a molten organic substance into a precise cold form, the skilled hands of our glassmakers create a unique light fixture of elemental, yet perfect shape. The gleaming surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is enclosed from three sides by a polished metal component in either silver or gold tones. The Pyrite Collection excels in both exceptional design and top-quality materials. Easily combined, it invites you to create your own unique lighting constellations.
Find out more about the Pyrite collection and its standard canopies.

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Bomma Constellation Pyrite collection interior
Pyrite collection chandelier detail

Dark & bright star

Unique as a solitaire and even more striking in constellations resembling a star-studded night sky. The light source is placed within each mouth-blown piece, the shining center of a precisely cut crystal star.
Find out more about the Dark & Bright Star collection and its standard canopies.

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dark and bright star constellation

Soap mini

Varying shades, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the characteristic features of soap bubbles, inspired this collection. Each piece is hand-blown without a mold, producing an original in both shape and color.
Find out more about the Soap mini collection and its standard canopies.

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A hypnotic design, lending itself to unique compositions and arrangements. Here, two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior light source, playing a symphony of reflections. The Lens Collection is available to be fully customized in terms of colors. As the color is hand-painted on our glassworks, we are able to prepare any shade based on your preference.
Find out more about the Lens collection and its standard canopies.

downloadable assets
Bomma Constellation Lens Collection Interior
Bomma Contellation Lens Collection Detail


BOMMA Glassworks and Rückl jointly introduce Metamorphosis, a new collection of crystal lighting by Rony Plesl. This collection combines the talents of these sister glassmaking brands – the breathtaking art of hand-cut crystal from Rückl, with exceptional technical solutions and the principle of light constellations typical for BOMMA.

Find out more about the Metamorphosis collection and its standard canopies.


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