Stellar Dust

Cosmic tapestry carrying light through space


The Stellar Dust lighting is composed of countless speckles that seem to float through space. Both optical illusions and the remarkable effects of these crystal components perfectly juxtapose modern interiors. The crystal-clear color and universal round shape add to its versatility.  

This collection was originally designed for J&T Bank in Prague by CMC Architects, and designers Václav Mlynář and Jakub Pollág. Its success resulted in this design being adopted for standard production, as an addition to the BOMMA Constellations.


collection inspiration

Václav Mlynář, the Creative Director of BOMMA, also served as a designer in this case
Stellar Dust pendant is unique,” he explained, It’s mouthblown and then refined with precise cuts, using BOMMA’s inhouse developed glass cutting machines. In my view, this collection perfectly combines the best aspects of expert craftsmanship and modern technologies.  

As with all BOMMA Constellations, the magic comes from forming custom clusters of lighting components that are built upon a mathematically precise structure but create a fluid organic effect. It allows both architects and designers to equally uplift small and large spaces with flowing clouds of Stellar Dust. 

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