Custom production for a variety of industries is an important segment of Bomma glass productions. We are ready and eager to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. Our proprietary technology, modern glassworks facilities and unsurpassed lead-free crystal all work to support that goal. We deliver both limited collections for world-renowned luxury brands and serial production of gift items, drinkware and decorative glass, from chandeliers to large architectural works. Our team pays the closest attention to every detail – from design, development, prototyping to the final packaging.
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Traditional Craftsmanship and Innovative Technologies


Bohemia Machine, operating under the brand Bomma, is among the most modern fine glass manufacturing firms in Europe.

We draw on the rich tradition and know-how of 500 years of glass manufacture in the Czech Republic, producing up to 6 tons per day of excellent quality crystal.

Bomma Bespoke offers full-scale service to our clients comprising design, in-house development, production, and first-class  packaging and delivery.

bomma crystal Glass


Bomma glassworks operates continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We produce 6 tons of high quality lead-free crystal glass each and every day.

Despite avoiding the use of lead, Bomma crystal is distinguished by its excellent refractive index.


bomma cullet

An exceptional longworking studio glass created for glass experts by Czech glass masters for the most diverse needs, from glass blowing to hot casting. Extremely clear, long working, lead free glass. Production of Bomma cullet runs side by side with our product line, which ensure premium quality for artist studios. Discover more at bomma cullet web page


Mouth-Blown Line


Bomma production specializes in the traditional craft of mouth-blown glass. Dealing with monumental sizes, our craftsmen often work on the edge of both human and technological possibilities.

underlying colored glass

Bomma uses a unique technology to underly-colored glass. Blowing the chosen color directly to the glass, this technology ensures the color will never fade.

maximum size:

height: 90cm
diameter: 70cm
weight: 26kg


mold production

Mold production


Mouth-blown production is closely connected to the use of molds. Bomma uses both metal and wooden molds and provides its own in-house mold production.

Pressed Glass Production Line 

Bomma glassworks also operates a pressed glass production line. Using up to 6 tons of glass every day, this line provides small-scale serial production. Pressed glass production takes advantage of several in-house technologies including:

press technology (two-position press)

  • The maximum size of pressed glass production is 60 cm in diameter.
  • ​​​​​​The maximum weight of pressed glass production is 13 kg.​​​​​​​​

injection press technology

  • products from 0,1 kg to 4,5 kg, with glass inlet up to 13 kg
    and diameter up to 600 mm

putsch - bottle production technology 

  • bottle volume: 0.5 - 2l
  • maximum weight of glass: 2.5 kg
  • maximum size: 230mm​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

fire glass polishing



hand & robotic cutting and other refining


As a glassworks with talented craftsmen Bomma Bespoke offers state-of-the-art traditional hand cutting of decorative and art glass.


Bomma also disposes of unique in-house technologies of robotic cutting, designed and produced by Bomma. Flat and shaped CNC cutting of decorative glass, optical lenses and other technical glass is fully customized depending upon client requirements. 


dimensional limits for robotic cutting are:

flat maximum diameter: 800mm
flat maximum length: 800mm
spatial maximum diameter: 600mm
spatial maximum length: 600mm

bomma additional technologies

additional technologies


Bomma takes pride in its flexibility of customization according to our client's special requirement. Apart from those described above, Bomma also has the following in-house technologies:

metal coating
hand painting
mechanical or chemical polishing 
hochsmalt (high enamel)
gold and silver painting


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