medium clear


designed by Olgoj Chorchoj
product dimensions (dia): 350 mm
product dimensions (h): 400 mm
material: mouth-blown crystal and oak wood
notes: the glass part of time dome is mouth-blown without a mould thus the size and shape might slightly vary.

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Olgoj Chorchoj


The Studio was founded in 1990 during the Vitra Design Museum workshop led by Denis Santachiara. At that time Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček studied Architecture at AAAD Prague (Academy of Arts Prague). Jan had a car and could drive them to the workshop in Switzerland, the start of a 25-year collaboration. They focus on industrial design, interiors and the reconstruction of historical and industrial buildings. Professor Michal and Jan now head the Atelier of Design at AAAD Prague, they inspire and influence the youngest generation of Czech talents. They have  become ambassadors of Czech design. Their works are represented in collections of prestigious galleries and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum New York.

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