Crystal Cube, Czechia

The core idea behind this design by Šenkýř Architects involves a logical redesign of the layout, and a material interconnection of the interior with the exterior.

The house’s distinctive shape concept is mirrored in a self-aware, cubist, and naturally raw interior which employs modern, precise materials and detailing.
The dominant feature of the entire space is the five-metre reception desk, above which hangs Pyrite crystal light fixtures crafted by our glassmakers in a majestic composition of 50 pieces. These luminaires multiply in the mirrored ceiling, visually elevating the lobby space to the second floor.

The craftsmanship and precision of Czech glassmakers goes hand-in-hand with the quality and perfect handcrafting of the stone and locksmith elements.

Architects: Bohuslav Šenkýř, Lucie Hlobilová
Partner: Feel design
Photo: Tomáš Havel
Location: Czechia
Year: 2023
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