SOAP_lighting_BOMMA_Anji Dingxiang villa_Huzhou_China_ph_Hanmo_vision_partner_Huah_Lighting

Tingxiang Villa, China

A majestic play of reflections across two floors:
The SOAP collection brightened up the interior of a modern villa.

The generous space of Tingxiang Villa in China was complemented by an iconic set of hand-blown SOAP luminaires. Crystal drops float from one floor to the next through a round hole in the ceiling. Their iridescent reflections imbue the interior with a unique genius loci. Each drop is extraordinary and imprinted with a characteristic shape and unrepeatable colouring thanks to its artisanal production. 

Architects: Xie jun
Location: Huzhou, China
Year: 2023
Lighting design: HUAH LIGHTING
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