BIG-GAME is a Swiss-based design studio founded in 2004 by Augustin Scott de Martinville, Elric Petit and Grégoire Jeanmonod. The studio describes their work as simple, functional and optimistic. They design a variety of products and accessories for companies such as Alessi, Hay, Karimoku, Muji, Lexon, Nespresso and Moustache. BIG-GAME’s work is often accessible, charming and, above all, useful.

BIG-GAME studio designed Blimp collection for BOMMA. 

The Blimp Collection is the result of BOMMA’s first international collaboration with a team of Swiss designers who masterminded it upon their first experience with designing glass.

This stunning and massive crystal cloud floats in space with the lightness of a zeppelin.


The unbearable lightness of glass

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