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discover designs driven by an ongoing desire for beauty, perfect detail and originality.

Each collection embodies different principles and inspiration, created through the unique talent and vision of individual designers. Each approaches art, craft and BOMMA’s outstanding technologies in their distinct way.



explore the possibilities of bomma lighting collections that upgrade traditional craft to a new level.

Purest crystal is transformed into masterpieces using the latest technologies and inventions.
This spirit of creativity and innovation is apparent every step along the way.
We inspire and motivate our master craftsmen to constantly push the boundaries of glassmaking. Our hand-made crystal pieces dance on the edge of what is humanly and technically possible. 

exceptional design

bring visual interest and emotion into your interiors with bomma lighting collections.

Whether a single centerpiece or a custom-designed group, BOMMA lighting creates a distinct atmosphere and draws attention.

Together, we can give form to your ideas and visions. BOMMA’s timeless designs impress and inspire through the inventiveness, quality and, often, an awe-inspiring size.

Creative director: Václav Mlynář
Director: Luboš Rezler
DOP, Photo: Filip Marek
Production company: Stink Films – Prague
Production design: Top Services – Tomáš Bukáček/ Vojtěch Kálecký
Producer: Janek Palovský
Production manager: Adam Rygl
Location: Tomáš Baťa memorial – Zlín, The Church of
Beatified Restituta – Brno
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