Kunsthalle Praha, czechia

Photographs of the new Mussels collection were taken in the Kunsthalle spaces in Prague. Aneta Hoffmannová, BOMMA Marketing Director, said “We were looking for an inspiring space, with the clean modern architecture that provides flexibility, as well as the ability to highlight our new collection. The photography completes our last photography series that were premiered in architecturally significant buildings within the Czech Republic.” 

Kunsthalle Praha is a new space on the cultural map of Prague dedicated to art. Kunsthalle Praha received the National Award for Architecture and the Grand Prix of Architects 2022. 

Year: 2022
Photo: Radek Úlehla
Location: Prague, Kunsthalle
product design: Václav Mlynář

Another collection shot in Kunthalle Praha was Metamorphosis – the stunning lighted jewel of the interior. The delicate geometric cut of the Metamorphosis Collection on hand-blown crystal comes alive with its internal light source, highlighting amber, clear or cigar colors. Just as stars from far-away in the sky, these seemingly small lighting objects fascinate us individually and become even stronger in groups.



from smaller compositions to immense constellations, bomma selected collections give creators, architects and designers the freedom to project their boldest creative vision into reality and transform interiors.

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