About Boris Klimek

Boris Klimek graduated in studies of Product and Conceptual Design on Academy of Art, Architecture and Design
in Prague / AAAD Prague /. During his studies he attended interships in England / Sheffield Hallam University,
Sheffield /, Slovakia / Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava / or in product design studios in Prague led by
designers Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček / Olgoj Chorchoj /. Boris has been awarded a number of awards for his
product design. Currently he works in Prague, where he focus on product and interior design. In his work he
tries to find a certain conceptual overlaps, games and stories. He tries to make his products not only functional
but mostly poetic, playful and able to stimulate the human imagination and emotions.

Boris Klimek designed Pebbles and Dew Drops collections for BOMMA. 

Pebbles are reminders of exceptional moments or favorite places. Their diverse shapes and colors inspired BOMMA’s playful collection that invites you to express your creativity.

The Dew Drops Collection was created to capture the fleeting beauty of morning dew, clinging to blades of grass. We managed to transpose that magic to materialize the seemingly immaterial with lightness and grace

dew drops

Nature’s gems on blades of grass

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Keepsakes of treasured memories

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