When glass embodies paper


The ancient shape of the lantern, transformed by BOMMA and recast into glass, maintains its age-old symbolism of a messenger. The essential shape of the crystal Chinese lantern is replicated by hand-blowing into a wooden form. The resulting precise craft, despite its minimalist appearance, accentuates our prime devotion to traditional glassmaking principles in both top quality and perfect details. In their basic clear version, these lighting objects can be easily combined, forming random or even geometric groups. In smoke or white colors, Lantern adds soft ambient light to any interior.

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Plecháč & Wielgus

Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus met while studying at AAAD Prague (Academy of Arts Prague). Jan went on to exhibit his thesis project at Milan’s Salone Satellite 2011, gaining much attention in the industry. He was awarded the Elle Décor International Award and Discovery of the Year at the Czech Grand Design Awards. In 2012 Jan and Henry founded Studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus. Their work transcends the barriers between art, architecture and design. Their clients include Rossana Orlandi Gallery Milan, Mint Shop London, Luminaire, Lasvit, Cappellini or Menu.

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