metamorphosis vase

The transformation of crystal into a stunning hand-cut jewel


Metamorphosis as a transformation of one form into another. Metamorphosis as a recrystallization of quartz. Metamorphosis that discovers an identity within an absurd Kafka manuscript. The delicate geometric cut on hand-blown crystal turns pieces from the Metamorphosis Collection into striking jewels for any interior, adding a pleasant and warm atmosphere. In individual sizes and colors, they form great combinations, inviting you to create your own collection.

Talented master cutters in Nižbor glassworks are capable of transposing Rony Plesl’s technically demanding patterns onto vases and candle holders from the Metamorphosis collection. Although the design appears perfectly regular, in fact you may notice minor variations indicative of the exceptionally intricate manual work. A cutter works on a single vase through most of the day and must avoid even a single careless movement.


Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl, designer of the collection explains, “The METAMORPHOSIS lighting collection was created in collaboration with the Rückl Glassworks. The shapes, colors, and particularly the hand-cut pattern carry the most iconic features of this brand: precision, sharpness and the geometry of each cut. Combined with light, they create an outstanding experience. Each individual component is a unique stand-alone piece, resembling the fruit of a tree that enhances any composition. BOMMA Constellation by Rückl is a true rarity in the world of lighting.”

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