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Dew Drops lighting novelties

New Dew Drops Floor and Wall & Ceiling lighting and option to  
customize the color of Dew Drops

BOMMA extends the Dew Drops collection with a floor, wall and ceiling version of the luminaire. It is now also possible to customize all the lamps in the collection by choosing one of 15 colors. 

The bold collection of pendant lights named Dew Drops, designed for BOMMA by Boris Klimek, is newly expanded with both a wall and floor version. The designer explains These lights follow the original concept but are set within a new context. The Dew Drops floor lamp represents a blade of grass with drops, while the wall version evokes dew trickling down the wall. Together, the lights serve as exceptional centerpieces, eye-catching in both private and commercial interiors. Dew Drops showcases an ingenious connection of precise and innovative technology with the traditional craftsmanship of glass makers and leatherworkers.

Innovation & Craft

Given the specific design of this lighting, the leather band carries not only the entire weight of the glass drops as well as all necessary electric cables. Leather is an unusual material in this use and the production had to be inventive. Six glass components with light sources emit a delicate pearly sheen that lends the lighting an exclusive look. Each leather band to which the glass components are attached is hand-sewn by a local leatherworker Martin Povr in his workshop close to our glassworks, ensuring that each piece is crafted to perfection. Due to the demanding production process, the Dew Drops Collection is produced in limited quantities. 

Dew Drops Customization

Another new feature is the ability to customize the lamp by choosing the color of the vegan leather option. You can choose the ideal color for your Dew Drops from a wide range of fifteen colors. The monochromatic tones of white, grey, dark silver or shiny black are complemented by tones of earthy sand, nude, beige and more tones. There are also more vibrant shades such as yellow, red and blue. Thanks to these options, Dew Drops crystal lights are sure to highlight the uniqueness of any space and can be easily integrated into any interior design concept.

The photos below show the Dew Drops pendant in the khaki version of the vegan leather band.

A Pearl Necklace of an Interior

Klimek had a free hand when creating these lights. Before presenting his design to BOMMA, the idea developed in his sketch book. “I’m pleased that my concept was well received despite being quite daring and unusual,“ the author explained. The Dew Drops Collection consists of pendant lighting, wall and floor lights that are spatial objects, intentionally balancing on the edge between pure design and art. Klimek gracefully handled the challenge of capturing a seemingly intangible magical moment of a summer morning. Dew Drops becomes a pearl necklace in any interior.

Producing Dew Drops required entirely new innovative production processes. It took us a while to fine-tune all the steps, material composition and other aspects. But the results are great and, for me, it was yet another confirmation that BOMMA is the master in their field and that I entrusted my concept into the right hands. I must particularly thank Ota Svoboda from the BOMMA R&D team.

Boris Klimek, designer of the collection

Design Centerpiece

Dew Drops is a dominant, yet very universal stand-alone piece in any space. Klimek adds, “It’s useful in all types of interiors, including those with standard ceiling heights. I see this as a significant advantage. But, for spaces with tall ceilings, we succeeded in effectively adjusting the Dew Drop Collection for ceilings as high as 5 meters. This significantly broadened their possible uses.”

The pendant lighting beautifully draws the eye over a dining or conference table and also looks great above a kitchen island. The ability to freely arrange the individual lights and add leather bands without glass components increases design flexibility. Each client creates an original lighting constellation that perfectly suits the needs of their interior.

Dew Drops ingeniously combines a masculine leather material with delicate glass drops that reference the magic and charm of nature. Its strong design lends this collection its exceptionality, while the minimalist construction ensures universal applications in both private and commercial interiors.

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