Rony Plesl

About Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl ranks among the world’s top artists in the field of glass sculpture. His unique oeuvre emerges from his deep knowledge of quality glassmaking and from his profound love for the ambiguous matter of glass. Fascinated by its constant metamorphosis, he seeks the natural form of glass in his art while employing groundbreaking technologies in his designs. His Venice installation is a world premiere of Vitrum Vivum, a globally unique glass casting technology allowing the creation of glass sculptures without any limitations.

Rony Plesl designed Metamorphosis collection for BOMMA. 

This collection combines the talents of sister glassmaking brands Rückl and BOMMA – the breathtaking art of hand-cut crystal from Rückl, with exceptional technical solutions and the principle of light constellations typical for our company.

The complicated cut pattern is inspired by a line of regular structures reminiscent of a snake’s skin, as well as the perfect shape of a crystal lattice or the fascinating arches of gothic architecture. In the hands of our talented cutters, glossy crystal rhythmically transforms into a matte finish. It requires several hours of complete concentration and mastery to prepare a single crystal component.

In between 2017 – 2022 was Rony Plesl creative director of our sister glassmaking brand Rückl. 


The transformation of crystal into a stunning lighted jewel.

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