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A private harbor shining day and night

Buoys mark safe waters and guide sailors both day and night. When lit, their flickering lights in the distance signify a safe harbor, safely guiding a voyage through unknown territory. Similarly, the new Buoy Collection outlines a harbor of light in an interior. These lights become daily companions, reminding us to explore new territories and dive deep into conversations, always marking the right direction.

Enjoy the Safe Harbor of Lighting 

The Buoy Collection was designed by Václav Mlynář, Creative Director of BOMMA. He found inspiration in the concept of buoys as orientation points that guide sailors day and night. His hand-blown crystal lights feature unusual light rods that run through the entire core formed by a monumental glass body. Buoy lighting is defined by the geometric shapes of a ball with two rotation cones, connected by bases. This timeless elegance of simple forms is a typical feature of early BOMMA collections and the Buoy Collection references them.  

The Buoy Collection seeks a balance between a classic light fixture and a light object, hovering at the edge of sculpture and product design

Václav Mlynář, Creative Director of BOMMA and designer of the collection

A Precise Play with Light 

Buoy’s diffusion light rod running through the glass body is made from sandblasted polycarbonate that perfectly distributes the light. In its center are numerous LED chips, while the upper and lower part of the light are enclosed by a metal plate. The metal comes in either a silver or black version that can be further combined with various tones of glass. The colors of the glass enhance the minimalist form of the light, providing a choice of crystal clear glass, sophisticated smoke gradient or a delicate opaque veil. 

The hand-blowing technique is also unique. Production requires three pairs of hands due to the piece’s monumental size – the large ball is almost a half-meter in diameter, the cone nearly a meter. This level of perfection and craftsmanship ensure that the Buoy light will remain breathtaking for generations to come, each time it’s seen. 

The Focal Point of Any Space 

Its clean minimalist shapes and substantial size allow the Buoy Collection to become a masterful focal point in any space. Václav Mlynář explains, “The atmosphere that a light brings into an interior is essential for us. The Buoy lights are sculptures, intended to become the heart of each interior they occupy.” 

Their minimalist design anchors this high esthetic value, combining classic geometric elements with an original light source and hand-blown glass. The Buoy lights are notable stand-alone pieces that bring elegance and sophistication to interiors. The light emanating from their core becomes a center point bringing a sense of familiarity, safety and relief after a busy day. The Buoy Collection creates a private harbor in any family home, work environment or commercial space. 

Buoy at Euroluce 2023

The lamps were seen for the first time at Salone del Mobile this April at BOMMA stand designed by italian Studio Salaris. Both two shapes in two different color options white and smoke complemented boldly colored interiors


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