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Explore new crystal lighting collections Ama, Buoy, Divina and special edition De Castelli X Pyrite 

Discover the latest BOMMA collections that stand out for their distinctive design, exceptional glass quality and represent the best of the glassmaking craft. BOMMA also presents a special product in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer De Castelli. Transform your interiors with handcrafted crystal lighting. 

Buoy collection

A private harbor through day and night

Buoy marks safe zones and harbors with light – a sure guide for completing successful journeys. BOMMA Creative Director Václav Mlynář found inspiration in the symbolism and shape of buoys, designing lights that create a private harbor in your interior. “The Buoy Collection seeks a balance between sculpture and product design,” he explains. This exciting new addition combines classic geometric shapes, an unusual light source and monumental hand-blown crystal elements. The design pays homage to early BOMMA collections featuring geometric forms. The Buoy Collection is customizable through a choice of two original shapes and three colors – clear, opaque white, and smoke. Production requires three pairs of hands due to the piece’s monumental size. This level of perfection and craftsmanship ensure that the Buoy light will remain breathtaking for generations to come, each time it’s seen. 
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Ama collection

Pearls from the depth of the mysterious sea

The name of this collection refers to pearls, specifically the Japanese female pearl divers called Ama. The Ama Collection visually evokes the delicate shells of mussels that produce treasured pearls. Ama is formed by a stylized cut-crystal shell, protecting a light source of LED chips hidden in a round lightbulb with a titanium nitride coating that produces its pearly sheen. Each glass shell is produced by using a special glassmaking technique. Over the course of two days, the glass is heated and gradually melts by its own weight into a prepared conical mold. Ama lighting comes in both opened and closed versions that work beautifully as individual pieces or natural groupings into mussel clusters. Ama collection designed by Václav Mlynář is available in three original colors – smoke, bronze and crystal matte.
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Divina collection

The light touch of the divine, transformed into distinct colors

The Divina Collection emulates the timeless concept of a spherical glass body, combined with the delicate touch of a color gradient, an idea used in the past by DECHEM studio. Divina lights are the younger siblings of the Phenomena Collection. Unlike Phenomena, the Divina lights are smaller and more suitable for intimate interiors. Divina is ideal for use above a desk or dining table, its light source located within the bottom of the cylindrical mounting body. Its refined color gradients lend it an aura of timeless dream worlds, while remaining visually striking.
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De Castelli X Pyrite

Special edition of the fiery stone

Pyrite – the golden firestone in the shape of a perfect cube now in DeOpale brass finishing by Italian manufacturer De Castelli. Both brands excel in handmade production while sustaining the highest quality standards. BOMMA and De Castelli jointly introduce Pyrite in special edition. The surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is encased from three sides in a DeOpale brass element. This exquisite brass fitting gains particular chromatic effects, thanks to the manual oxidation of brass, such as the light games of the fire opal characterized by a yellow background with reflections that can be particularly vivid and bright, changing in iridescent tones from red to orange. Both small and large Pyrite are available in this delicate DeOpale brass finish by De Castelli.
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